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UPVC Spray Paint Coating West Wales

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Restyle and rejuvenate your existing UPVC windows, doors, conservatories, garage doors & cladding with our UPVC spraying service. Don’t spend thousands on replacing your tired looking units, they will look like new once they have been professionally spray painted. Contact us now for a free quote.

Why use our UPVC spraying service and what are the benefits of painting UPVC?
  • Quicker & cheaper than replacing.
  • Helps preserve and protect your units against the weather, extending the lifespan of your UPVC for many years.
  • We offer internal & external UPVC spraying.
  • Less disruption and mess.
  • Large choice of UPVC paint colours available.
  • We only use the best quality materials.
  • Meets all UK Quality Control & Building Regulations.
  • We are professionally trained with over 20 years experience.


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UPVC Spray Coating 
From 1 day to a couple of days depending on number of units.

UPVC Spraying Preparation

UPVC Spray Painting Grey Finish