Liquid Screed Flooring

Liquid Screed with Underfloor Heating

Liquid Screed Contractors Wales – Fast Drying Screed Specialists

Looking for quality domestic or commercial liquid screed companies to provide a smooth, level surface floor? Contact us now for a free quote.

Why use our liquid screed service instead of traditional sand and cement screed?
  • Quicker to install. Install 10x more per day.
  • Faster setting with less shrinkage and cracking.
  • Self levelling screed flooring.
  • Walk on it after 24hrs, rather than 7 days.
  • Quicker access for follow on trades.
  • Better thermal values, especially when used over underfloor heating.
  • No wastage.
Liquid Screed Over Underfloor Heating

With a reduced depth of liquid screed required to cover over underfloor heating, this allows for an increased thickness of insulation underneath and reduced floor screed to heat up, resulting in a more heat responsive system.

Liquid screed suppliers
  • Weber Bagged – Super fast drying liquid screed.
  • Gyvlon Screed.
  • Cemfloor Screed.


Commercial Liquid Screed Contract – Swansea Car Showroom
Prepared and completed using Weber Bagged screed in 1 day! 24 hrs and it is ready for tiles to be laid.

Liquid Screed Swansea Car showroom 6

Liquid Screed Swansea Car Showroom 7